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Nothing to offer
No darkness, no light.
From cradle to grave,
No day and no night
Give with your left
and take with your right
Nothing to offer
No darkness, no light.

Sufferings past and
valor known,
everything remains
and outlives the tomb.
Colors robbed and red
turned to grey,
blended together to
return today.

Why cry, you say?
A man should not do!
A stiff upper lip,
all tears, adieu!

A dull knife,
cut stem to stern,
happiness, peace,
all adjourn!

Nothing to offer,
No darkness, no light.
The curtain will close
my heart is contrite.
Bowed head, clasped hands.
Be well, be well,
within me demands.


Capegirl said…
indeed. encore! encore! (can't get over how cool that pic is!)