He entered at the point of entry
and departed at the point of departure.
When he told of his experience,
experience, he could not deny,
His listeners thought myraid thoughts
of disbelief, of not hearing of such things.
Of visions, or dreams, or speaking in tongues;
Of violence, of love, this being human,
shows which is beyond thought, beliefs,
what we have thought to be true.
I have only this; we are born, we live, we die.
Whatever is sandwiched between
can nourish or starve.
I have known both.
I am human.


De.vile said…
You know, you would think its much more easier to accept it, but you cant. Its more outrageous than not wearing a burkha when you are a muslim. Woman.
Desultory Girl said…
I've thought about these things over the past few years.

I like this a lot, Tim.

Keep up the great stuff and by the time I come back, I hope to have more to read up on.