The Lady and me..... cont'd from Dec 22nd

I moved from the summer campground to an old rest home in Providence, RI that was converted into a training center for upcoming "ministers of the Gospel." The Lady's mother signed over permission for her to move there as well. It was here that she met her father for the first time since she was five years old. A career military man, he never paid a dime in child support. Any communication (which was very little) was through letters sent to the grandmother in Ohio who then forwarded them to wherever her son was stationed. Since his estranged daughter was now living out of state and asking about him, he thought it safe to pay a visit.
He was tall and sported the traditional military haircut. He brought his wife with him, whom he had met in Germany. She wore a bee hive blonde hairdoo and spoke in guttural german tones. She outweighed him by perhaps fifty pounds. The contrast of his thin tall reserved demeanor and her stiff and bold approach made their relationship interesting to watch.
They invited the Lady back to their condo outside of Washington DC for a "get to know the father" type of visit and he strongly encouraged her to consider staying. His "line them up and kill them all and let God sort them out" mentality made things very uncomfortable and she soon broke out with the shingles requesting to go home. The visit being made short made him angry and he wanted her to take a bus home. He soon gave in to her panic and drove her home. He did not spend the night.
Her vulnerability made me reach out to protect her. Our relationship grew into self conflict due to our age and I struggled to maintain an expanse of separation. After a year of time spent within the organization I decided to return home and go in another direction. The Lady moved into another home belonging to the church in a town not too far from me.
I returned home penniless. My parents allowed me move home and look for a job. I hitchhiked to and fro until I saved enough to buy a car. Meanwhile, things were rough for the Lady and she moved back to her mother's home. This was a small three room apartment whom her mother shared with her lesbian life partner. Her mother drank incessantly and my distress was great over her home situation.
Late one afternoon, my mother approached me and suggested that I stop feeling frustrated and just get an apartment with her.
We did.