I never forget a face.....Really!

Even with my short term memory failing me when I least expect it, one gift that I have not lost is that I never forget a face. Even if I have not seen the person in many years.
It has been fun working the new job as everyone comes in to buy from a hardware store. I have changed much over the years. Long hair to shaved. Big beard, short beard, no beard, moustache, to what ever it is I have now. Reddish brown hair and beard to white beard, shaved head....etc.......
I have seen some people that I haven't seen in twenty years and they are surprised when I ask them a question that only an insider would know. When they ask me who I am it is fun to see their reaction and surprise.
But imagine my surprise when I thought Punk Rock Mommy or perhaps Gem ll (or ll) came walking into the store. http://www.punkrockmommy.blogspot.com/
It couldn't be of course. They say that everyone has a twin or look-a-like out in the world. But what if you are already a twin? She has since come in several more times. She is an artist (watercolors) and shows in Concord, MA.
Ah, the interesting world of retail!


transience said…
we share the same gift! i don't really recall names, but show me a face and i'll remember it forever.
Gemini II said…
weird, I thought I had already posted on this. interesting post! ;)