Looking at the stars, standing with the trees

My thoughts often bring me to unusual places. Consider this. I live in the typical bedroom community that some two hundred plus years ago was entirely made up of homesteads and farms and a booming shingle factory. There are still a few trees that also remember those days. As I look up at the stars, I imagine the locals doing the same. Pondering the heavens or perhaps their fate which has led them to this place. At one time, this land was criss-crossed by the local Indian tribes. There are many landmarks that acted as signposts still around today. Usually extra large rocks set apart from any others and the many large hills and mountains that dot this area.
You can imagine the Indians from the 1600's trying to protect their territory and conducting brutal raids into the townships. You can imagine those that abandoned their farms to fight the British in the revolution. You can imagine the French Canadians lending their labors to the industrial revolution in search of a better life. The young men and woman who gave their services in WWI & WWII, hoping to end all war. Everyone struggling for a better life.
But the stars....the constellations I view on a clear night are unchanged as man's struggle for a better life has not changed. We work hard and struggle with relationships, with making a living, with all the crazy shit that happens in this world. It doesn't change. There will always be wars and conflicts. Problems that defy our energies to repair.
So, what can we take from this?
Well, I guess we need to appreciate more. Show more patience. Not sweat the small stuff. We can do this. If you practice, even make a game of it, you will find out how entertaining it can be. Everyone around you freaking out about some stupid, stupid shit and you sit there as majestic as a frog on a Lilly Pad, seemingly unphased.
Cause you see, as humans, we ARE of the nature to get sick, experience loss, get old. Yes, even die! And being born into this world, it is and always has been what you see today. People assigning labels to others, taking political sides, always beliveing that they are making a difference when they staunchly defend their positions.
Tonight, at about 10 p.m. est, please go outside and view the stars. Take a deep, deep, breath. Look at the stars that I am looking at. Look at the stars seen by the Indians, the Colonials; the stars looked at by all who came before us. We struggle, and out of the sky, they stand there. Know at that time, I am in the eastern US doing the same. Take this moment to remember that we're all interconnected. We're all part of this big crazy family. Let's support one another with a big star filled group hug.


Rowan said…
I'm amazed to hear you do exactly what I do all the time as well. I was just doing this last night as a matter of fact, perhaps we were looking at the same constellation set? I was also digging through my new garden and found bones. They were probably animal in nature, but it made me think of the Indians, and the possibility that since there are and have been so many humans in the world, it is very likely that at any given time, I'm standing on someone's unmarked grave. Isn't it strange how we're all one of a number set when you think of it?
justrose said…
that is my absolute favorite thing to do. we've got clouds and rain today and it's hard to see the stars in the city. but, when i can, which is very often, i go out and look and i am always surprised and centered and awed by them all at once.