A little rain must fall........

Zen: Japanese; Ch'an (Chinese); Zen stresses the importance of the enlightenment experience and the futility of rational thought, intellectual study and religious ritual in attaining this; a central element of Zen is zazen, a meditative practice which seeks to free the mind of all thought and conceptualization.
Taoism: There is no personal god, the closest thing being the Tao, which is a supreme force which underlies change through the passage of time. One is to become free of personal desires, and become attuned to the flow of change. The principle of innaction has great importance, because attempting to right injustices does not agree with the ideal that good and evil are complementary forces, which are part of the flow of change. Meditation is a basic component of Taoism.
Recently, someone inquired as to the meaning of, "a little rain must fall" in my heading. You see, rain (water) is essential for life. In our lives, we often percieve the rain in our lives as dreary, dark, burdensome. In our lives, a little rain must fall in order for us to grow, to survive, to be nutured. There is no good or bad contained therin. As human beings, we attach labels, perceptions, and take it personally when someone is hurtful towards us, when we are sick, when we experience loss, when we are in pain; remove the labels, the perceptions, and recieve all of life with equaniminty as the ground receives the rain and we will live freely. Rain (water) has no shape, no form, but it takes on the form of that which contains it. We must follow water's example. Let us flow!!!!


Rowan said…
a great thought, you've made me think with this one. Free formed.