Have an introvert in your life???

...they cannot see the value of the life we are in daily contact with, our present civilization, where men hold a cigar in the right hand and a glass of whiskey in the left hand, listen to music, watch dancing and eat delicious food. We might say that these are two extremes of human life. Perhaps you will ask, what value is there in that quiet and aloof way of life? The monks would ask the same question of you. What value is there in passing your nights in a night club? -   Sasaki .

I am an introvert.  - An IFNJ to be precise.
I turn on my computer each day to catch a few headlines, read e-mails, check a few Facebook status updates and to also read a few blog posts. There's so much information coming at me. Like Lucille Ball and the conveyor belt episode, it can be overwhelming for me. Some of the information I see is good while some I'm indifferent to. Some content really bums me out. There are many days when I feel that I would be better off by not turning on the computer at all. There is something to be said about the quietude of being a monk enjoying the life of solitude and meditation. And then I have to admit that I have experienced some memorable times within the confines of a bustling nightclub. But my Tao and greatest contentment is found traveling the middle way between monk on the mountain and that man relaxing with a good cigar and a glass of Scotch Whisky.
And while we're on the subject of turning on our computers, I cannot seem to fathom the whys of having a Facebook account. As my number of "friends" seems to add up, I regularly see the need to clean house. Why be friends with Joe from the other side of town when I have never been to his house? Or Mary, who I think is often too passive aggressive? And then there's the ever growing list of other "friends" who seem to friend just for the opportunity to troll. And just because my friend likes you, it doesn't mean that I do!
I think that a good rule of thumb for me is:
If you're my friend and have a FB account, you're in.
If you're someone I like and frequently converse with, you're in.
If you're involved in or with something that we both feel nourished by, you're in.
All others? You're out!
And even with this being said there are some days which still find me feeling like I want to put the whole social network into the shitter.
I process information differently.
While I immersed myself in the writing of my book, "Walking the Circle", I coined the phrase, "Going Hemingway" to describe the complex and often omnivorous personality that was beginning to surface. Diving deep into the writing life I grasped a greater understanding of the mindset of what it meant to write and I discovered that many writers are often classified as being introverted.
We can't help ourselves. We're wired that way. Not all writers can be referred to as being purely introvert. but surely derivatives thereof.
If you're interested in knowing where you score according to the Jung Typology Test, take it for yourself and let me know where you placed and if you agree with the findings.
I scored as an INFJ.  According to the research, I'm a rare bird, falling in at about 3% of the population.
Carl Jung himself fell into the ranks of being an INFJ. As well as Mahatmas Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi. Amazing company.
And to think...I got an Apple I-Phone today.
What's to become of me?


Although I’ve my own facebook account and numerous other accounts in innumerable social networking websites, still I do not engage in it. Perhaps I don’t like it. I can’t just talk virtually; I need a person to bank on.

In my opinion, introvert means a person who is always coiled himself in his self. That doesn’t imply that an introvert doesn’t mix with people, or don’t like the company except his own. He mixes, he enjoys, but at the same time he always keeps aloof. Well, this is a very idealistic or rather optimistic way to define introvert. But I do not really agree with the ‘psychology’ definition of introvert. I believe the definition belongs to those people who are not introvert but escapist. They really scare of themselves so can’t carry themselves in the horde.
Tao1776 said…
Shub dude! Introvert is a psychological word coined by the master himself, Carl Jung! Methinks that you much understate the depth and stratus of the word. It is an onion - not a rock. Look at the link - answer the questions - follow the links - then come back and comment! Love you, man!!!