Bobbing Chickens

Ever seeking to entertain the troops I attached a large eye bolt screw to the end of a thin rope and hung it from a Birch tree roost which is at the far end of the run. I've suspended a head of cabbage several times but have found that unless you wrap the head in wire, chickens will make short work of it every time.
Now green apples, on the other hand, that's another thing entirely. They still seem to tear through it rather quickly but it is not without some very hard work. The apple bobs and weaves and swings madly. I tried it with one apple. With two; and have found that the one apple routine is the best of all.
Our loud and very opinionated Barred Rock, aka "Big Fattie" can be heard above the din squawking in protest because the damned thing refuses to be still. It is the most hilarious thing to see.