Get Out of this House

Go jump in the lake, go ride up the hill
Get out of this house
It's a house of your making, it's a house of
ill will,
Get out of this house.
Go listen to Buddha, go listen to Joe,
Get out of this house
If anyone asks, you tell them you don't know
Get out of this house - Shawn Colvin 

Well, now it is official. As of April 20, 2012, TaoSpring is up for sale.
I had hoped to delay so that the gardens would be in, the coop would be painted, the house washed and the grass cut and manicured. Not to mention the interior odds and ends. But no delay could be found - the ex wife in her usual contraire form; all is to be the opposite of what I want. Even if all the world agree.
Maximum curb appeal be damned.
Greater profit be damned.
Get out of this house.

If life is for learning, I've had some of the best teachers that life could offer.

I've never been the best student.

The gardens will still be planted. I want a big beet plot in particular - and I think that I might just get away with planting a month early. And we have around fifteen more chickens coming in mid-May. So, when will the house sell and where will we go?

Get out of this house.

I did manage to mow and clean and sweep just before the Realtor arrived for pictures and the sign on the dotted line. Not what I had hoped for: nor what I had imagined. I read A Call to Compassion while lying out in the sun and gave some visitors a quick tour of the girls. Katie jumped up on my arm when called. After the performance I took a nap. Later, I broke the bike out of storage and rode out through the old roads of the State Park, past the old cemetery and areas rich with it's long forgotten history.

Get out of this house.

Rain is predicted for Sunday and into Monday. Almost three inches. And we need it. Drought is never a topic in mid-Spring New England. It is now. We've already had brush fires in record number for this early in the season. After a snow-less winter the ground is screaming for water. New England's biggest and longest running river is low for the time of year and all those who depend on well water are already nervous.

Go tell it to Buddha, go tell it to Joe.

Get out of this house.