Milk is for Babies!

 For thirty years I have accompanied my friend Dairy Jon, to northeast farm and dairy meetings where everything "cow" is scrutinized, evaluated, scientifically measured, analyzed and recorded. It's sole purpose is to provide the dairy farmer with the best information possible enabling the farmer to achieve maximum milk yield while producing a healthy herd for the greatest amount of profit.
And with every passing year I been witness to a declining industry and way of life. Farmers and particularly dairy farmers are a breed all their own. The demise of herd after herd and farm after farm is barely noticed.  I've watched while companys such as Genex and dairy improvement businesses have reorganized, merged and downsized just to stay economically viable and only somewhat afloat.
Having grown up in a region where cows were once just a part of the landscape, I am reminded of the thousands of factories that once dotted the New England landscape and that now exist only in memory. I watch with interest the ideas, plans and strategy that shape the ever changing landscape for the dairy farmer. I want them to succeed. And although I do not drink milk it is difficult to watch the dairy life succumb to what is inevitably unavoidable change.


Sophia said…
Do you not drink milk because you have a lactose intolerance? I don't drink it, either, but only because I'm not a fan of milk as a beverage. I use almond milk in my cereal simply because it has fewer calories. I do like milk in my coffee and soup, though.
Tao1776 said…
Milk is for baby cows. I rarely moo.