Foul Mood / Fowl Mood

  I'm relaxing with a large cup of steaming Chai hoping that the effects from the Solar Flare Geomagnetic storm are over.
  Taoists, who practice the Drawing in of Heaven and Earth and who actively work with the Wei Qi Field as it moves around their bodies, find their        Qi disrupted and very susceptible to large weather disturbances such as heavy lightening, high winds or solar flares.
  Must be a real bitch for those practicing Taoist alchemists who find themselves living near the Northern Lights, that's all I can say! For how else am I to explain the foul mood of the last few days?
  I know that I have little patience for the American people, feeling them to be at best, sheep and dolts. And my prospects for moving beyond the border are few.
And where would I go? America is the greatest country in the world! I should be drinking cow's milk and eating those mass produced, stream lined, art deco, loafs of white bread! And if we could only bring Ronnie Reagan back from the dead! America would be strong again!
And speaking of back from the dead... Got Jesus? Go to a government sanctioned Christian church and soon we'll all have jobs! We'll return to the kind of faith that once made America strong! You know, the kind of faith where I work out my salvation with fear and trembling while trying to look as white bread as possible?
And you know what that means. White Christian America with a few token blacks, Latino's, and maybe an Indian or two. No Muslims of course. I suppose that wheat bread, as long as it looks and almost tastes like white bread is okay.
  Ah! Mass produced wolves in sheep's clothing. White and fluffy on the outside! What could be better?   And while America's break from tyranny and away from a "no questions asked" Government ordained by God (remember 1776!) America evolved into a race for the accumulation of wealth while claiming that this form of government is ordained by God, for us! Manifest destiny, dude!
  In God we trust!
  Dog eat dog.
  Only Machiavellian rules may apply.
  God bless us!
  The opportunity to leave the U.S. would only lead us back to more of ourselves. My hope lies not in the Tea Party or the occupy Wall Street movement or in a wish that the South would rise again. For a time, I found hope in people of like mind who echoed the sentiment of us having, "All of our needs and some of our wants." Not a utopia. A community built upon friendship, cooperation, a love of art and beauty and less the game of who has more. Because who has more is the American Dream and the dream is not sweet.
Perhaps I thought, we could follow the method of bioregionalization? Growing your own country with people of like mind and then living in it. Food co-ops. CSA's. Farmer's markets. But then that begins to sour for me as I watch those Apple toting phones, I-Pads and Facebook saturated interactions become our new community.
I guess that I'm just showing my age.
But let me take the time to thank Foxconn for their sacrifice.
And don't get me started on the Freemasons. Now there is a stupid waste of time and an outdated institution. Bury it, will ya?
No wonder that I love spending time with the chickens. They just be. Better than an aquarium - living the good life....
I hope that this Chai kicks in soon. Stop the world. I need to get off.