2012 Earth Odyssey

Gaia Girl has begun her nine month odyssey into the world of herbal plants and healing. This weekend marked the beginning of a one weekend a month immersion into the Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship that will continue on and into the month of November. In my reviewing of the course syllabus I am impressed; and that is a rarity for me.
Gaia Girl will undoubtedly experience a transformative 2012. And the herbalist school will be only one portion of the changes that are to come. Of this, I know.

The present day TaoSpring, with it's raised bed gardens and happy chickens, home of the Karmann Ghia, and the blessed home of the best porch sitting experience known to man; is going up for sale.
Divorce does that.
I am not saddened by this but I am aware of an under-current of apprehension. Sort of like walking on ice. 2012 will see more change for me - and for Gaia Girl. But that is the talk of looking forward mind - and that gets little credence here. Not any more. Mindfulness is the key that unlocks all doors.

We seemingly move forward in a state of "on hold." We planned on increasing the flock, expanding the gardens. Will we continue on at TaoSpring in her current location throughout the summer or will the transition into our new location allow us the luxury of new gardens, new spaces?


Sophia said…
I wish you and Gaia Girl the best for 2012!

As you know, I haven't blogged in a long time so I'm behind, so perhaps you could fill me in a little bit by telling me if you've found a new place yet?
Tao1776 said…
No Sophia - a place will either appear or it won't. The future presents no guarantee. We'll have to see what appears on the next page.