Growing a Beard

My picture now adorns the gallery located at 
My face however has adorned facial hair in it's myriad form since the age of fifteen. Sideburns, mustaches, full beards, partial beards; my face has played with them all. Around ten years ago I turned my short and trimmed  beard into a goatee and began to let it grow. Shortly thereafter I began to shave my head. (go figure?) I have cut my beard in the name of conformity several times and I have at times excessively trimmed it trying to find a little more fullness.
When my two daughters were under the age of ten, all those many years ago, I shaved my entire face wiping away any hint of burns or stache or beard.
They wept.
Why is it that there are those of us who feel compelled to sprout facial hair while there are perhaps an equal number of men (?) who shave chests, faces and their pubes? WTF?
 In homage, in some weird way, I can hear the C S N & Y song beckoning to me. I think that I'm done with cutting, trimming or conformity.
Let it grow......let it grow.......


baroness radon said…
Seems like you have a Taoist chin and a Buddhist skull.