Chicken Life: From the egg to the Roaster

White Broilers are shipped in a little box and arrive filled with a whole lot of peep. The little fur balls are always a hit, melting the heart of even the hardest of the New England curmudgeons. Everyone wants to hold one. Anyone standing in the wings will soon make their way forward like paupers in a soup line waiting their turn to hold one.
And in the end the same can also be said of these tasty plump morsels. Weighing on average 8 Lbs, after just nine weeks, organically fed and raised, they
                           are happy and playful. And come next Sunday they will be in the freezer. Shortly thereafter one will grace the table where it will be received
with thanks.


baroness radon said…
Reality bites!

Did you ever read my post about the women on a Chinese retreat with me wanted chicken...I ordered a steamed one for them, and when it arrived in a a big bowl of hote steaming broth (with ginger and scallion), head and feet hanging over the edge. Suddenly they became vegetarians again. Needless to say, I loved it!