All we want is Happiness

One of the casualties of divorce is the sometimes violent disruption cast upon the children of divorce, be it the adult children or the grand-kids, the whole world is forever changed.
While attending the deployment ceremonies for my son in law, my grand-daughter looked up at me and asked, "When are you going to watch me again?" Her presence was once a staple in this house and it had been more than a year since we've been able to spend more than a few minutes alone together. This weekend she will be coming to TaoSpring and this seven year old girl couldn't be any more excited. Of course, my plans are to spoil her and to let her know just how much she is loved. I know that she has many questions and I plan to answer each one as tactfully as I am able.

It's really not all that complicated

While people can seem oh so complicated, it all boils down to this;  all we want is to be happy. Ignorance leads us away from happiness. Ignorance has us breaking the most simple of rules on how to be happy, many of which we learned before the age of seven.

Don't hit.


Be nice.

This would ensure the happiness of everyone if everyone could mindfully play by these rules. But we know that people who don't get their own way will often use violence. And that some people will strive to have more than everyone else and that sharing is seldom done freely and without the hope of receiving something in return. Living while steeped in misery and then trying to be nice is like trying to laugh while your dog gets run over. It's not possible unless you're a little off balance. And off balance, much of the world lives: Hitting / Not sharing / Not being nice - but laughing at all the road kill.

How silly this world we live in.