Meat Birds and Thanksgiving plans

For the last four weeks we've had meat birds living in our basement. The brood gathered under a heat lamp sitting comfortably upon fresh wood shavings and they began to eat. And eat, And eat.
By the third week you remove the feed from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. and then watch the bedlam when the morning feed is lowered back into the pen. On Sunday Gaia Girl collected the twenty five plump little broilers and moved them to a coop and run several miles away.
I can still hear them cheep, chirp and squeak in the basement. Creepy!
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. With the pending divorce all tradition as I have known it is no more. Time for something new! Thanksgiving has been a huge holiday for my family and for my parents before me. And with following tradition, Grace is said while that responsibility often falling to me. My dysfunctional sons, my drunk wife, my daughters (my hope) made it feel more like an Irish wake. I was much more mournful than thankful. With every passing year Thanksgiving was a moment remorse and a gasp of wonder asking the question, "Why are we here and why are we doing this?" Yes, Grace. So in need of grace.
TaoSpring is a place of new beginnings.
TaoSpring is a story that unfolds with each day.
And like the Plymouth Pilgrims on whom the Thanksgiving holiday is based, it is a new beginning. A mixture of hope and thankfulness. A realization of bounty in all it's shape and size.


baroness radon said…
You sound really good.
GaiaGirl said…
Brined organic turkey... Cranberry chutney... Wild mushroom gravy... Fresh farm stuffing...Collard bundles with crispy shallots... Butternut squash gratin... And apple pie with thick cheddar on top....

Methinks he's gonna be one happy Taoist.