All Hallow's Eve

Twenty four inches of snow. When it arrives one day before Halloween it's not a surprise, but a horror for everyone. The area where I live had the highest amount in snow totals and yet we did not loose power. We were prepared with our wood all stacked and lanterns full and wicks all trimmed. We came away unscathed and little worse for wear.  Not true for a larger part of New England and all of the way down into New Jersey. As I write this, many homes are still without power. Unlike TaoSpring, many homes rely entirely on electricity for their homes to operate. It's true that we too need and use and rely on our local power company more than we want to. And as a part of our future goal for TaoSpring, whether or not it be the TaoSpring in it's current location, we will seek to lessen our dependence.
And why? There may exist all sort of tree-hugging, ethereal, new age reasons for lessening our imprint upon the planet we call earth. But simply put, in contrast to the non-ceasing idea of the American Dream and of more, more, more: what has all of this "more" really provided for us?
Really? Answer me that.