TaoSpring - Meat Birds

Here they are!!!

Our Jumbo Cornish birds arrived via the post today. We received the call this morning and within minutes they were here. Cute as buttons and closely examined by our two cats, they quickly settled down to eating, drinking and taking comfort under the heat lamp. A week or so before Christmas they will be sitting pretty in the freezer. Recently this little ditty was found in a news paper:

Outside, our brood is fairing well and we're up to ten eggs a day with fifteen birds. The Fort Seuss/TaoSpring/ Pallet coop withstood the wind and the rain of hurricane Irene and methinks a good old fashioned New England winter will be just what the Dr. ordered to break in the coop sufficiently. 

I am planning a hive in the future. I have a natural affinity for bees and with my planned expansion of raised bed gardens it will be advantageous.
While this has been a good autumn weather wise, wood needs to be stockpiled in anticipation of whatever the winter may bring. Meanwhile, my son in law will be leaving for a third tour of duty, this time in Afghanistan, the day after thanksgiving. My daughter will need to learn much about home-ownership and independence, something she severely lacks, as they're in a new home and there is wood to be burned, snow to be shoveled, plowed and pushed and with just her and the dog and two cats, adjustment abounds.

Tonight I made a zuchinni lasagna. Halfway through the layering of it I realized that the baking dish was too small. I flipped it into a bigger one and found that one also to be a little on the wee side too. But it smells and looks delicious. No front cover material but we will feast well nonetheless.

Adjustment abounds..........


baroness radon said…
The lasagna looks yummy.
We kept bees once (when I had chickens). It was great. We made maple syrup too. (Not in Hawaii.)

I wish safety for your son-in-law during tour #3. If I'm Big Sis, that makes him my...what? I'm sure the Chinese have a specific word for it!
baroness radon said…
And my husband ALWAYS underestimates the size of any pot or pan needed to cook something. What is it with you guys????
Tao1776 said…
Gee...not sure what that makes you LOL.....I am a good cook but a little out of practice. Cooking for two is tough but I like to give leftovers to my friends who love my baked beans and etc....and I get good cheese and stews in return.
I do plan on trying some of your suggested egg recipes. I will let you know when I do.