TaoSpring - Chickens, potatoes, stew and trivia

 I know that it sounds derogatory but I assure you, we love Little Fattie. She is loud, brash and full of personality. Just like those girls from Jersey.
We're up to a dozen eggs a day now. The two Barnevelders that we introduced about six weeks ago? They segregate themselves like they're too good for the rest of the hen house. They strut about like a pair of aristocrats and stay so close to the coop and roost that they get top bunk most nights. They really threw the pecking order into a spin by their arrival. They're supposed to be great birds to have but I'm not sure I even like them! I imagine them wearing fancy coats and powdered wigs expecting preferential treatment.
 We harvested the last of the peppers and potatoes. The eggs and the V-dub bus sat quietly watching the scrub and dry process.
Last night we went to the local pub and joined in for a night of trivia. First timers, me and Pants were. I think it was the beards that did it. And damn! Does my face look fat! Gah!

I stacked wood today, fed and watered the girls, and tended to the new meat birds. They have tripled in size in less than two weeks. I tried to get up some of the leaves but the heavy rains from last week matted the leaves into the still very green grass. By noon the sun had warmed up the day into the low 60's so I took the Ghia out for a ride and looked for a present for my granddaughter who turns 7 soon. I quickly decided that a stack of one dollar bills should work just fine.

The day came to a close with chicken stew, cornbread muffins and an open fire. Flame, flame - crackle, crackle. Gaia Girl had a very busy day. She should be rewarded with a the full comfort of TaoSpring. And by that restful look on her face, a full tummy, and the glow from the 1977 Vermont Castings, I think my job here is done..............