Islam is of the Devil - The burning of the Quran

What qualifies a religion to have it regarded as being produced by the Devil? Is it deceit? Is it hate? Is it violence? And who is it that is sufficiently qualified to in full confidence make such a decree? Ann Coulter? Terry Jones? Ted Nugent?
The Dove World Outreach Center. Now that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Now, the dove is the symbol of  peace and caring. Of love, grace and promise.
Wherein do we find deceit, hate and violence now?
However I do not blame Pastor Terry Jones. It must be remembered that the Bible says, "For the Love of money is the root of all evil". Pastor Jones resides over a flock of around thirty people in that ever enlightened State of Florida. Hernando de Soto was looking for the fountain of youth in 1539 and people still flood the gates of the Sunshine State in search of their lost adolescence.
No, the problem here is money. This dude has a book on Amazon and it's sold out because of all the publicity. The local economy of Gainesville, FL must be falling all over the infusion of cash from reporters across the world vying for some new angle. Every network and newspaper is giving this more attention than what Katrina did to New Orleans.
Let's froth up the American public like the head of a cappuccino.  
Listen. Do yourself a favor. Shut off the t.v. Throw away the newspaper. Go check on a neighbor or call a friend that you've been putting off calling. You really worried about religion? Be kind. Show some compassion. Quit the gossip. Help someone with no expectation of getting something in return.
Jesus must be rolling over in his grave.
Whoops! Sorry! He's not there.
Or is he???


GaiaGirl said…
{shakes head} Burning the Quran? I am almost speechless. Disgusted. Ah, the almighty mass-media-machine. Take THAT with your McNuggets and sweet n' sour sauce. They ARE all-white-meat-chicken, don't you know? (snort)
The Crow said…
I don't understand any of this, nor do I care to try.
A man may have the right to burn a book, at least as much as a man may have the right to choose to blow up the WTC.
Who am I to say?
Who are you?
To have an opinion either way is to admit that somebody else, somewhere along the way, managed to manipulate how you respond emotionally to these things.
If you don't agree with burning books, don't burn any.
If you don't agree with blowing up buildings, don't blow up any.
Tao1776 said…
Gaia Girl...snort!!!!
Crow - as usual, you speak in true crow fashion. My Zen masters have nothing on you!
Shubhajit said…
Burning books, burning buildings and burning all imaginable object won't burn the hatred within..

I wonder how people get so much of time on juvenile prattles..may be another publicity stunt..God bless them all!