Autumnal Equinox begins Sept. 22 11:09 e.s.t.

Pip had traveled the continents in search of his ancestral origins.He had been witness to the Full Moon in every month of the year in only one place and that place was home.
Singing moon,
Barley moon.
Harvest moon.
His parents and friends were unaware of the seasons or the passing phase of the moon. They held no meaning or sway. But Pip had been to Iona and saw the moon there. Pip traversed the four mountains. He saw the equinox at Calendar One.
What is the meaning of all this? 
All that Pip could say when questioned, "When I venture down the lower lane into town I often cross paths with this certain old man. I don't even know his name. But I get the sense, a full sense, that he is wise and knows more than words can express. As we pass by our eyes meet; however brief. I tip my hat to him and he to me. There is a certain transmission that takes place and I travel on wiser and more compassionate than before."
Godspeed, Pip.