A murder of Crows
it is oft said;
foretell of sad stories
and harbingers of death.

One of their own
tonight it did die,
and tonight we
mourn with those that 
now lie.

We laid him in death
in mock of a nest:
Not in gladness
nor mark of a jest.

No. No, we mourn 
his sad pass 
and we lay him to rest.
and thank him
for his warning....


Kelly said…
o, wow.
Tao1776 said…
My brother died (expectedly-unexpectedly?) on Saturday afternoon......a family friend had a baby delivered very early - at two pounds, lungs fully developed - one comes into the world- another departs.....O' my brother - O my brother...
baroness radon said…
And the kolea just returned to Hawaii from Alaska.
Shubhajit said…
the life is a strange and unknown. Sorry for the loss.