Caught between Lamas and Samhain

We have gloriously passed through a traditional New England Spring before being led into the depths of an equally spectacular summer season. For more than a decade it has not been our experience that, "April showers bring May flowers" nor has there been for us the "Dogs days of August". The seasons have been unseasonably Willey nilly!
I'm not complaining about 2010, the Chinese year of the Tiger!. However, it does seem that the Autumn is closing in fast and we're all trying to scratch what we can out of the summer season while it is still with us.
It has been a time of fortuitous change for me. The garden was in early and yard chores were quickly completed. I found myself back upon the bicycle and I managed to lose 15Lbs. I am able to stretch in several ways that these old legs have not seen for some time. The Karmann Ghia is in top form and I have been on several long cruises about the New England countryside with the accompaniment of a wise, funny and adventurous new friend. (what the doctor ordered!) I am back to some of the basics of Qi Gong and I am making preparations to complete the sacred space of the meditation room. A thorough cleansing, new paint and a dedication ceremony. This aspect of my practice has withered my spirit as my meditation practice slowly faded away and found it replaced by the spirit of a curmudgeon; a restless, ugly bloke, that no one really liked to be with. 
It had to be.
As the sun begun to set this evening I felt restless and sat on the porch to smoke my pipe and watch the world. It was obvious that even the crows did not want to return home. Restlessness was the energy of the evening. A wind came out of nowhere as in an effort to chase the sun down early. Once the sun was over the horizon, the wind ceased. A friend called and spoke of her restless energy. I feel it in my chest. The night grew silent and I sat alone. Desirous of company, I sat and observed the reaching out of souls, like the northern lights ascending and descending upon Jacob's ladder.
All the lonely people
where do they all come from.
All the lonely people
where do they all belong?
Yes, midway between Lamas and Samhain can present as thin a veil as the transition from the Yang to the Yin: the light side of the year to the dark side of the year: two half's of the whole. No duality here. All is one and one is all.
I read several books over the summer that I have been waiting to read. Vonnegut, Kerouac, and a few others. I've been thinking of visiting the Aikido Dojo but I know that it is not in me. A tuck and roll would kill me.  And I'm also going back to the Lodge of Freemasons. Can you believe it? Not sure why, other than it presents me with a vehicle for community outreach. ( and in-reach?) My friend has a "salt of the earth" perspective on this. She feels that it is, to some degree, our responsibility to remain in places where we have been placed. If we have wisdom, patience, experience and a new perspective that might add "more light" (Masonic words - not mine) it cannot happen if we are not present. Although used the old analogy of the two bulls on the hill (one young, one old) looking down at a herd of cows. (Have you heard that one?)
I have seen a resurgence of old blogger pals via Facebook. This has been cool. There are more than a few people, the world over, that I have cherished....and they're back!


baroness radon said…
Great to hear you are back on the more ways than one! Those wheels just turn. I've had a strange summer myself. Visit the Yin TAO61. Oh how I long to retire.