Goodbye, My Brother!!!!

I have been trying to work up the courage to post my tribute to Phillip "Chick" Stowell; my friend, my brother, who died unexpectedly(?) on Saturday August 14th, 2010 at the age of 75.
Chick was always in the periphery of things as he was one of the original wild ones. He rode hard, drank hard, fought hard, womanized, and finally settled down to marry a former Vietnam army nurse 16 years his junior.
There have many stories afloat regarding Chick. There were those that liked him and those that didn't. When questioned about him, I could only speak from what I knew and that was, "He has a big heart".
We have been friends for less than a decade. We got to know each other at the local cruise nights as he drove a 1965 Mustang while I, the 1973 Karmann Ghia. We were quickly absorbed into each other's life and we spoke most every day. My kids and grandkids adopted him as another grandfather. We acknowledged each other as, "Brother" and worked diligently at helping one another when the situation arose.
I feel the void.
I wish that I could call him.
Goodbye, my Brother.


baroness radon said…
Sounds like he had a good life and you are fortunate to have shared the last part of it with him, and he likewise. Sometimes the friends we make in older age are even more precious than some of the ones that linger from 50 years ago.