Car shows and Cruise nights.

On any given night you can find a cruise night or car show within a one hour drive of my home. You will find there many fully restored classics. When a "59 Ford" or a "61 Vette" or perhaps a "66 GTO" rumbles into view it is impressive. Then there are the Falcons, Barracudas, Mustangs and a host of hot rods and other various stock classics.
But I have a fondness for all things air cooled VW. A few years ago I was interviewed on the local radio station during the "Big Block Production Show." Seeing me drive in for show after show in my "Little Hottie" I must have appeared quite the anomaly to this muscle car maniac. He was dying to find out what the attraction was. Like the guy who shows up at the prom with a girl who could eat an apple through a picket fence, I get all sorts of skewed looks.
I spoke with him and to his listeners about my history with owning v-dubs. They are fun. In the winter we could drive the snowmobile trails. I could drive where a rabbit couldn't go. They held the road like a tic on a motor head's ass. I even challenged him to try and keep up with me on a winding back road! 0 - 60 in under 11 seconds may be impressive for these muscled up gorillas. But it can also be extraordinarily expensive when you try and keep up with a 40hp, 4 cyl, 4 speed, poor man's Porsche and possibly head into a ditch. Never mind the embarrassment.


No takers on that challenge.

I like it nice and slow.

Like the two bulls that approached the top of the hill and saw all those cows in the valley below.
The first bull said, "Let's run down there and have a go at one."
The second one, older and wiser, looked at the first and said, "No. Let's walk down and we'll have a go with all of them."

Yeah. That's the difference, right there.


Sophia said…
Maybe someday I'll understand this fascination with cars. All I know is that a vintage car driving down the road can cause my dad or husband to do a double-take.
Anonymous said…
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baroness radon said…
My 1990 Mazda Miata (one of the first off the line) just made 200K miles. It seems vintage now, and referential to the Lotus Elan, a heritage the new ones have lost track of. (Everything successful gets beefed up.) I love these little cars, like immortal Taoists that keep their power hidden.

I had a friend in college who had a grey KG. It looked like a mouse, but it was pretty cool, even though my taste runs to the British-style roadster.

I like your blog.
Kathy said…
O i found little hottie by searching "Your Blog"....

your car is cool!

neat! cars are fun. I like the old Falcon cars and Mustangs. Remember Steve McQueen in the movie car. :)

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