Gardens are cathartic....

My granddaughter with last years crop.
I had a garden for several years. I was overexposed to isocyanate in the mid 80's so I decided to let the grass retake possession of that patch of earth in favor of a flower garden and fountain to help me in my convalescence.

Some twenty years later I started hanging tomatoes with bush beans at the base. (see pix no. 1)
This years I thought that I'd expand but due to financial constraints it didn't look promising.
I did manage to get the wood, a yard of 4 year old compost and several other items for free.
I recently received a pick up of flagstone that someone wanted to have removed and they were removed to my yard. We decided to donate this patch to jack o lantern pumpkins and a new type of winter squash.
We have two types of tomatoes, beets, mixed lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, pole beans, peas, peppers, (one jalapeno) three types of squash and the pumpkins.


Sophia said…
Your granddaughter has such beautiful hair!

We're doing the garden thing, too. I've never had a garden before, though we've grown tomatoes every year. (But I can't lie - it's really my husband's garden because he does all the work! I just get to eat it.)