Peace is at your door

Watchful Buddha outside my back door


Sophia said…
Very nice Buddha!

Though mine are more the fat happy Buddhas, I have a couple at my house, too -

And then there's all the stuff on the inside of my house - some Buddha heads, etc.
Tao1776 said…
Cool Buddhas, Sophia. My house looks a little like an eclectic museum. I am often surprised at finding some little gem that I have stared at for years but have grown so accustomed to that I was no longer aware of it.
Sophia said…
I have a similar problem - there is so much clutter in my house that my little spiritual figurines, etc., don't stand out enough. I'm fixing that, though! Just a few days ago I committed to getting rid of lots of things I've collected over the years due to being a sentimentalist or quite simply, a pack rat.
Shubhajit said…
I really like your title. "Human Being is a guesthouse". It is indeed a great metaphor.

Buddha is greatest of all saviour so I preserve him in my heart.