If I were the King of the forest...

I've successfully managed to scare away all of my faithful readers. This is quite okay because blogging is really done for the self; to vent and think out loud as no one really cares to hear my opinion.

I was thinking about what I would do if I found myself elected President of these illustrious United States. I do have a few ideas. Mind you, these would need to be thoroughly studied before being implemented but I think that ideas such as mine are a beginning.

I would create a flat tax.

Those below a certain income would pay zero tax. And as all good Christians know, and we do claim ourselves to be a Christian nation; "for unto whom much is given; of him shall much be required." Those who had an income over a designated amount would pay a small graduated tax above those that fall within the flat tax bracket

Everyone would continue to pay into the Social Security system but with a few changes.

We would construct a way to have this money flow into its own account and away from the practice of having it fall into the general slush fund. People that will retire within a certain income bracket will collect SS. Those that are above the income guideline and those that will retire with full pensions may not be eligible to collect full SS and in many cases will collect no return on their SS dollars.

Mandated and quasi-mandated health insurance.

Clearly insurance companies have etched out a lucrative market for themselves. In some cases, insurance companies have been known to list a years growth as a loss on their taxes because they fell short of their projected growth amounts. When fire insurance companes began to emerge, fire departments have allowed a house or business to burn because of insurance pay offs and schemes constructed to have all people buy in. Insurance in whatever form has been better for the insurer than the insured. There must be a better way.

The war in Iraq http://www.bringthemhomenow.org/

Only those that receive or hope to receive a payoff support us staying there. It is a mess that we created. There will be a civil war when we leave. It is anti-American that we went and that we continue to stay. Anyone that says anything different is an idiot; doesn't know the minds of our forefathers, and is of the America - love it or leave it crowd. Wear a flag and fuck your grandmother up the ass for the sake of "freedom and democracy" and it would be unpatriotic to question authority.

Now, I can here all the screaming conservatives stating that this is communism. They used to say "socialism" but it doesn't have the same impact anymore. So it's the big "C" word now. But Capitalism is not without its faults. What is the saying, "capitalism will find a way to sell the rope to a man that is looking to hang himself? We will invade a country with well documented trumped up reasons, killing thousands upon thousands with the mission of providing democracy and freedom to those that will never receive it because the world has never operated that way in that part of the world before. Hell, the idea is a relatively new idea in the west. And the freedom and democracy that we valliantly proclaim is never doled out equally. There's always a catch. Be it social, economical or moral, there's always a catch.

As Rush jerks off to pictures of Ann Coulter and Farce News promotes the likes of Billo, how can we go wrong as a conservative group? We're going to hell in a handbasket. If I had my way, I'd try the current administration for war crimes and plan to use the same rope used on Saddam when I hung them in the Pentagon's basement.


jess said…
lolz you haven't scared me off. most of the time, i just don't have much to say after your posts..i just absorb your words.

you're uber intelligent, tim.

i like the idea of a flat tax. i have for a long time.

ditto on SS and the war in iraq.
Loralee Choate said…
Same here, Tim. I often just don't feel intelligent enough to say anything. (Plus, I have a lot less computer time lately)

But, I always read and think of you!

I don't ditto as much as Jess (I'm a moderate conservative, but still a conservative) however, I really like the idea of a flat tax as well.

I can't even touch the war. I am not really sure how I feel.
Kay said…
I'm still here (though usually via feedreader to, ahem, avoid the purple on black. :)

Tim said…
Jess - you are an amazing girl. Always thought that. So glad that I didn't scare you off.
Rubik - you've always been a support and I can't guess why. I guess that's another peice of the gal I call Rubik.
Kay, in your honor (bow) I changed the purple on black. Is this better?
Anonymous said…
Much better. :) But don't change it on my account. It's your blog and your likes and dislikes come first!

{illyria} said…
if the government was really receptive to the needs of the common man, to the aspirations of entire families, so much good could be done. i'd hate to say it's all the government's responsibility, but it is there for a reason.

(hi, tim. still here.)