This picture does not do her justice. Besides, the camera adds ten pounds

I know. I know. It seems that I'm just no fun anymore. All serious with furrowed brow. So much to be concerned about. Life used to be easy.
But I'm getting a new carb for my "Little Hottie." As she sat idle all last summer, I was able to really gussey her up. Man, she is hot! At the All Air Cooled show, she takes first place in the Ghia division every year. Last year, she sat idle. No carb. Unsuccessful rebuild. Low cash flow. I'm going to make it up to her.
Speaking of Little Hotties, my MILF, The Lady and me have been married thirty years this Sunday. I have been so successful at this marriage thing and she STILL won't let me add a few more to the harem of one. Damn! Cuz I know a few that I'd love to add.
A Buddhist friend of mine from the Mystic Seaport makes exceptional jewelry. I saw some of her latest collection and had her pull one as a gift to the Lady. We have never met. We have spoken via e-mail, messenger and phone. I am happy to know her. She recently got a dog. A Pug. Her cat, Parrish, disappeared last winter. I get so much joy in her happiness with this dog.
A fellow blogger reported recently that she accidently killed her bird. I felt bad and also laughed at her telling of the story. Not funny, but yeah...sort of.
Well, thats all folks.


jess said…
happy anniversary, tim and tim's milf...

and i know EXACTLY what you mean about the death of the bird. funny, but not, but yeah sort of. LOL.
Merelyme said…
happy belated anniversary...and beautiful car you have there. red is my favorite color.
Tim said…
Congrats Jess.....Damn! I missed another one! she see her in person...but I'll send some pix!!!
Loralee Choate said…
Happy anniversary, sweet Tim and Lady!

Oh, poor Bridgy and that bird. It was so awful, but I totally see EXACTLY what you mean, too!
Al said…
Happy Anniversary. Glad to know you still have a MILF!

Ditto on the bird...We've all been there.

LOVE the car! She's gorgeous. And in my humble opinion, those 10 lbs do her good.
{illyria} said…
happy anniversary! i'm just jealous of her coz she spends so much time with you. ;)
Congrats on 30 years. I'm feel lucky if I can sustain a relationship for 30 days, so I consider 30 years somewhat of a major miracle!
Tim said…
Oh Rubik...those friends of yours!
illyria - XXXOOO