Thinker, tinker or lunker?

I am of the contemplative sort. I can't help it. It hasn't always served me well. I remember entering Middle School (Junior High) and riding the bus to school for the first time. I sat in the back and watched the cliques develop. Simular to the way an anthropoligist or sociolologist would study groups of humans, mores, and culture: and I was only thirteen years old!
I thought, how odd! Is this dissasociative disorder?
Someone once remarked at how remarkable it is that I am able to cross over so many social barriers and "when in Rome, act as the Romans do" in the company of professionals or drunkards, (sometimes they are one and the same) Doctors or bikers, Lawyer or Clergy, male or female.
This kind of scared me, as this is also said of psycopaths and serial killers!
Maybe fucking and sucking, drinking and fighting and being as base as as a male animal can be is the answer.
Perhaps breathing in deeply of the tenets of Michiavellian life, snake charming your way to the top of the heap is the way to go.
But to thine own self be true!
I am what I am.
Does it serve any good purpose? Should it? It is what it is, I guess.
But it is a lonely sphere. I am not a philosopher. My deep thoughts are on another plane and should not perhaps be called deep at all.
This line of thinking is currently the result of my having begun a more active role in the Lodge of Freemasons. At its roots, Freemasonry was contemplative and sought to "make good men better". The "ritual" and lessons contained within the framework of the Freemasons inspired men to "act on the square and be on the level". I am often led to believe that even this loosely vieled allegory is being lost on many of my bretheren as their range of thought is limited to that of a fratboys band of brothers. I recently reported on my Mason's blog;
There is a fellow blogger who states, “Mystic Wing has taken himself too seriously for too long. He’s now in recovery.”
I have had the words from the song “Galileo” resonate in my head for years; “I’m not making a joke, you know meI take everything so seriously.”
That is me……
I am taking a break from Masonry for a while. It is me…and not Freemasonry. I do feel that seriousness is better left to far loftier goals…like reclaiming my health and laying a firm foundation according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs before moving up to the third tier.
I wish that I had an analyst’s analyst or a counsel of high report to discuss this with. I have become a vacuum and that is neither healthy nor enlightening.
Til then…I bid you all, Adieu……..

I have begun to take over the role of the Lodge Chaplain which has led to this jewel:
During the installation of officers, the following charge is given to the Master Mason who has accepted the position of Lodge Chaplain;
My Brother: You are appointed Chaplain of this Lodge, and I invest you with this jewel.
It is your special duty to conduct the devotions of the Lodge and bear before the throne of Heavenly Grace the spiritual needs of your Brethren. In all your interaction with your Lodge it is expected that you will “allure to brighter worlds and lead the way.”
I find it strange, that with so great a charge, you find very little written or posted regarding Lodge Chaplains. It doesn’t seem a necessity that a Lodge have a Chaplain as I have heard that not all Lodges have a Chaplain.
I can see that there may lie within, some inherent danger, being such that Freemasonry is not a religion. I have heard tell of over zealous Masons within the “Bible Belt” of the Southern United States Christianizing their Lodges. I’ve never heard of Lodges in India going, “Hindu” or Lodges in California going, “left coast” but I suppose that it can happen.
Freemasonry has taken the non-denominational route, which contrary to popular opinion is the route of wisdom.
Studying the Holy Texts, Scriptures and Sutras, you read, see and hear based on your ethnicity, your heritage, your intellect, your background and countless other variables. If one could so easily read and fully digest the language behind the words, you wouldn’t find multiple sects within the major religions of the world. There would be one Christianity, one Buddhism, one Muslim faith. Instead, we have many people, all reading the same Holy Texts, Scriptures and Sutras with everyone coming to a different conclusion.
When I say the name, “God” it feels as though I am trying to sum up the history of the universe in one word. My perception of God is beyond telling; beyond words, but it is a word to which we can all agree, refers to our individual perception of our higher power, our sense of Deity.
So, to what level should a Lodge Chaplain take his charge? Is it a figurehead position? Have you known any Lodge Chaplains that have, “lead the way?”

You would have thought that I was speaking Greek to the Eskimos! And I think that is how many of you must feel.....but I perservere as I know no other way.

Its just me.