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Several of you are aware that I have three blogs. Two with Blogger and one with Wordpress; the latter being more of an experiment in trying to issue my Lodge of Masons into the new age.
I started to post some of my Taoist/Buddhist and healing attempts on In the words of the Allman Brothers Band;

Sometimes I feel,
sometimes I feel,
Like I been tied to the whipping post
Tied to the whipping post,
Tied to the whipping post,
Good lord, I feel like I'm dyin.

Often, you just have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and as my friend Michelle says, You just begin again."

I've been reading some of the works of Osho as of late. Especially when it comes to Chuang tzu. I have begun to realize (again) that I add complications to things that have no inherent complications.

But just to add some balance, there ARE complications.
Take Mitt Romney for instance. The Great White Father that used Massachusetts as a stepping stone for the chance of running for President of the Good ol" US of A, pushed through a required health care reform for us lucky buggers before he left for his run to the White house.
As you may remember, I am gainfully reemployed but at 60% of my former wage and money is tight, to be kind. The Lady has no health insurance, so you might think that this is a great idea. Apparently our ex-Governor thought it a great idea too. So much so, that he built into the reform incentives for those that want and need affordable health care. You know, the kind that you stand in line for.
The incentives include, if you fail to sigh up by Jan. 1, 2008 - you will lose the State Tax Exemption for the person that is uninsured. You will also begin to be assessed a fine; not to exceed 50% of what your monthly premium would be.
Wow! Thanks Mitt!
I get paid two times a month. One and one third pay check pays the mortgage. The rest pays the rest. If and when we eat our cheap high carbohydrate laden foods, it comes from The Lady's "eat fresh" check.
Although one of my daughter's frat house buddies recently referred to me as being "buff" I assure you, if I don't change the direction of my practice, ie; diet, exercise, meditation, medication, diabetes, spinal inflammation, all of which is tied to crappy insurance, lousy health care, and long hours for low wages, I will be dead before I'm seventy two.
Something I had hoped to postpone until I'm ninety nine.
As for enrolling in Mitt's health care, it has been fraught with difficulties and delays. You can't call them on the phone because of the long backlog of calls. There is no "contact us" web page. Now, the State of Massachusetts realizes that they will inherit a huge shortfall because of the deluge of applicants who are eligible for reduced or free insurance.
I guess we will eventually get insurance for the Lady.
So what if I am fined and lose out on her State exemption.
So what if I have to shell out more money than I have in this world of $3 a gallon plus for oil, gas and milk.
The Great White Father must be wiser than I.


Loralee Choate said…
I may be more conservative in nature but in health care I am a screaming liberal.

I pity people who try to make changes to it,and those who have to live with the experimentation though...Because it will inevitably be effed up the first several tries.

Merelyme said…
something has to be done about health is just...a train wreck. i am so sorry you have to go through all this.

just popping on by to say hello and...this is the blog i have linked this the one you most frequently write for?
Tim said…
Rubik...I can't imagine a liberal bone in that body of yours....(opps, bad joke! get it?)
Merelyme...I mostly post here. Except when I don the Mason apron and I do Artisan1865 or when I put on my Taoist robes and I go to the other Tao1776 blog. With a mind as vast as mine (can you say, spacey?) one blog just isn't enough!