Little Sister,

As we pass deeper into the dark time of the year, it is no wonder that we find it analogous to that period in our lives when things come to a close and that we often find that our memories consist of the times of warmth and the youth of the year. And to all this, I can only say that it was never my aim to sound harsh or to be dismissive of your attempts to stay in touch with the members of your family. It is always the wish and hopes that family fulfill their roles as the protective clan and nucleus within society. It is more a reflection of my view and not a personal dig towards you.
As the matriarch passed on from this world, I found that the attacks against my grace and patience with our older siblings was more than I was willing to accept. It does, I know, sound righteous and perhaps condescending. As if my being contained any grace to be given. Perhaps I should state that my patience had just come to a deafening end. It has nothing to do with forgiveness, I don't believe. It has more to do with a total lack of desire to know what goes on with their lives.

I wish them well.
I wish them no harm.
I wish them happiness.

I find it interesting that I have so longed to know the name of our great grandparents on our father's side and of our lineage on the whole when ot is that I have so little interest in little more than my own family about me. I suppose, because they (dad's g-parents) had moved from French Canada into Vermont and that she died giving birth to twin boys that I have always desired to unravel the mystery of their names. This resulted in us having the last name that we have held throughout our life although it is not the birth name of our father's father. The older of the twin boys had another last name altogether as he was given over to the Stone family to raise.

In a 1920 census report, I find that Frank (our grand-dad) and Eva (Meme') lived in Southbridge, MA with Frank's father. A little more digging through the church records in VT, I finally did find their names; and I can quite possibly conclude that the couple was not married. Perhaps, one could question whether she had died at all and that the bastard children were just farmed out to a few local families.

Her name was Sophia. His was Alexandro. The twins were born on May 26Th, 1888.

Just thought that you might be interested as well.