Ah! The Presidential election is here once again.

If we only possessed the power to ride them out on a rail or to tar and feather when they proved themselves worthy of resignation and they refused to do so.

When American oil companies are making record profits while fuel and heating costs are crippling middle and poor America, something is wrong. If calls are made for funds to help those that are unable to afford heat, the "Socialist" name calling card is thrown out. Why should those that have, pay for help for those that don't?

Its a good question.

No one is asking for a free ride; if those at the bottom of the economic trough have to tighten their belt a notch, why is it that those at the top are in need of a few more holes in the belt to accommodate their added girth?


Loralee Choate said…
I want to go into a coma until voting day so that I don't have to endure this campaign year. (But so that I can still vote, of course!) PLEASE?

Tim said…
Oh Rubik....we are already in a coma. We are just sleeping through the social lobotomy that is being performed on us. That is all.
I've heard it said (or possibly read it somewhere) that if voting actually did any good or changed things, it would be illegal.
Al said…
I must admit, I'm having a very difficult time making up my mind for whom to vote during the primary. I just wish the candidates would ALL be honest with "we the people" instead of changing their minds and views every time someone contradicts or challenges them.
Tim said…
I hear you BMD. I have at times taken the stand that it is useless to vote and the Gore/Bush electoral process I guess confirmed that.
Damn Al...it is such a game of smoke and mirrors. I lose all faith in the average middle American when they will place their support behind a candidate that only a very little digging will show them as the schmucks they are. We really do need to shake things up. Not sure if its possible.