All the great rivers

on reaching the great ocean

lose their former names and identities

and are reckoned simply

as the great ocean.


That's beautiful and refreshing for me. I'm been swimming and drinking in raw sewage lately and needed this drink of fresh, clean water.
Tim said…
Dear Brother James,
I've been thinking of you often lately. I see that the snow is upon you once again. Beautiful, beautiful snow; but beauty only goes so far, eh?
I received your Teacher's book on anger as a gift; to add to the several that I have. Also some Taoist commentary by Osho.
Funny, huh? A Christian finds Taoism, embraces some Buddhism and is on line to becoming a Masonic Chaplain.
Who knew????
My Brother James,
May you be filled with compassion
May you be well

jnana said…
beautiful poem. we are all individual rivers connected through each other by sea. right?
Tim said…
Hey jnana - great to meet you

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