On Nov. 6th my long time friend and wife of my friend Jon entered the hospital for her second kidney transplant (see post Nov. 6th). On Wednesday afternoon it was reported that she was making a swift recovery (pix insert) and they believed that she might make it home by next week.
Jon called me today to say that she had to re-enter surgery for a clot and had undergone severe pain but the kidney was fully operational and things were looking good again.
Tonight, Roger, the husband of the first donor called to tell me that Marie had passed this afternoon.
I am so glad that we spoke on the night before her surgery. I wish that I had some comfort to give to Jon. We are all sick. I can't imagine the pain that Jon is feeling.
Her passing will be mourned by many. I couldn't imagine being Jon and playing his role at the calling hours or the funeral.
I guess that is why they invented shock. This is the only way that some of us will endure these next few months.
Marie.....we all loved you.