Whereas it hasn't rained here for several weeks, the rain made a tremendous comeback with thunderous applause and a spectacular light show.

I left my truck windows open and the Ford cab made for passable rain gauge. I'd say that we had at least two inches of rain according to what I found on my cab's floor. I speculate that since the truck had two, we must have had at least double that in the two hour storm.

Four inches is much less than what many states have seen during the summer but it is more than what we usually see.

There were reports of trees down and large hail. Campers at the State park were injured by a tree falling across their site.

I sat on the porch with my pipe loosely swirling smoke towards the sky blue ceiling as it found its way towards the rainy sky. I watched my icecubes roll over in the pursuit of melting in my economy scotch. I had to back up tight against the house to avoid getting wet.

I thought of the many summer days now long past when me and the kids would raise our hands to the sky and yell, "O mighty God of thunder! Show us your power!"

It worked very well. My neighbors house was hit at least twice. If my sister in law was visiting, she would hide in the middle of the house so that the Mighty God of thunder would not get her.

Storms can be so entertaining.