I've always spoken of music as something that is alive. Ever evolving, changing and reflective of the times that we find ourselves in. I find it difficult to understand why someone would hold onto a moment in time. Like holding a certain riff or lyric or chorus and repeating it over and over.

There is really great music to be heard and experienced through the eyes and ears of each generation. Even "Rap" has its place. Although much of that I agree, is in the crapper.
I am so sick of the over abundance of "classic rock" stations in our area.
I am a great and avid fan of Jimi. No one has heard Jimi as I have heard Jimi. CSN&Y. Grand Funk in their hey day. New Riders, to Alice to Poco. Great shit. But chewing the same ol' burger day after day can wear the teeth down. Never mind what it does to the taste buds.
Perhaps as well as many of you do, I live in a place that is surrounded by musical talent. From Boston to Worcester. Northampton to Marlboro. From Keene to Sommerville, I only wish I could see them all.

I wish that I had at least one eclectic radio station that really knew how to mix things up. Not like "Smoke on the water," followed by "Rock the Boat." There IS an art to the segue.

WRSI in Northampton, MA & Brattleboro, VT have a good station. Can't get it on the radio without being within 30 miles of the tower. This is an example of what their playlist is like.

Smashing Pumpkins
06:00 AM
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
Bob Dylan
06:03 AM
The Best of What's Around
Dave Matthews Band
06:06 AM
Rhythms Del Mondo w/ Coldplay
06:16 AM
Oye como va
06:21 AM
Don't Look Back In Anger
06:25 AM
Hold On, Hold On
Neko Case
06:30 AM
Right Moves
Josh Ritter
06:39 AM
Stiched Up
Herbie Hancock & John Mayer
06:42 AM
Hard Sun
Eddie Vedder
06:48 AM
American Music
Violent Femmes
06:53 AM
Some Days Are Better
07:00 AM
Don't You Evah
07:04 AM
Suddenly I See
KT Tunstall
07:07 AM
I Know I'm Not Alone
Michael Franti & Spearhead
07:16 AM
Lotta Love
Neil Young
07:20 AM
Here Comes Your Man
The Pixies
07:23 AM
Sample In a Jar
07:26 AM
Lake Machigan
Rogue Wave
07:37 AM
Building A Mystery
Sarah Mclachlan
07:40 AM
Shut Your Eyes
Snow Patrol
07:44 AM
New Slang
07:47 AM
Hold On
Tom Waits
07:56 AM.................and thats just today. Sorry! No web cast.

They also have a "Back porch" session that country & folks things up a bit.

That is where I first heard, "B double E double R Ewe N." Good stuff.


Loralee Choate said…
That is an awesome play list. Awesome. I may have to go try and duplicate it.
I like all kinds of music as well. Have you heard of Radiohead? If not then you should check them out. They are really artistic. Very unique.

As for more hard stuff, I like Linkin Park, Green Day (esp. their latest, "American Idiot") and Tool when I need to sweep away and let go of the cobwebs of depression and anger.
Nicholodeon said…
That baby in the sink is something else! Talk about eclectic.

My soul likes repetition, so every time I listen an old favourite, I summon forth warm memories, reiterate for myself what that may mean, and on. Maybe I am getting sentimental in me old age.

Not to say I don't listen to new music. It's like studying a new language for me...difficult at first but once you master the vocabularly. check the grammar out, and trying speaking and doing a LOT of listening...one day I wake up with the happy realisation that...hey!...I've got inchoate understanding.

Ever new, ever renewing and ever renewed.

Tim said…
Loralee - they are not immune to going off in other directions and always somehow manage to pull it off.
James - Radiohead has been likened to a new Pink Floyd from what I hear. Have not listened enough to see for my self. Is there one disc that shines aboove the rest?
N - Old age? You?