I'm feeling a wee anxious today. Perhaps it was the two large coffees that I had for breakfast. I'm not sure.
My mind does think that I'm on a long slow descent into economic hell.
The "Little Hottie" never made it to a single show. She only needs a carb. I found a brand new one for $75. That's a steal! I just don't have it.
Things ARE that tight.
I am the designated payee for my eldest son who is on disability due to Bi Polar disorder. I am the Trustee for my brother in law and I have to collect and send his rent out for him each month or he spends it. He is a big hearted guy with an IQ of 76. Someone has to look out for him.
My oldest daughter has moved home with my lovely granddaughter and the house always looks like a bomb went off.
My only source of transportation is a 2000 F- 150. The clutch is going and she's beginning to misfire. New plugs - all tight. Dunno!
My daughter's car is need of (see post 8/30/07)......
So I realize that all of my "kicking against the pricks" is to no avail. Why get frustrated?
Que Sera, Sera,Whatever will be, will be.
But I admit that there is some fallout to all this. I don't laugh as easily. I have developed a mild case of social phobia. I have many acquaintances but no real friends. I'm as sensitive as a little school girl. (well, maybe that part isn't new)


Paul said…
I have to imagine you've had your share of pleasant encounters with health care too. I'm severely disabled and have started a series of posts on the wonders of America's health care system, so to speak.

I know for a fact that people needing mental health services are among those groups especially likely to encounter a lot of difficulties. It was especially frustrating for me when I could still work, until four years ago. I was a school counselor and health insurance coverage was a consistent obstacle to care.
Loralee Choate said…

I just cannot picture you as sensitive school girl. I CAN picture you in a kick ass kilt, but as we all know that is not the same thing. :)

I keep hoping and thinking that things will look up for you, my friend. Life should not be this hard, you know?