He gave it as much thought as those who would give thought to the temperature of the major cities of the world. But as in the case of those that do think about the temperature of the major cities of the world, there are some that do; and do so often. But the average person seldom thinks about the temperature of London, Tokyo or Moscow.

But there are those among us that think thoughts that are only known to most of us as passing thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts will take root, as the seed of a tree or that of a weed will lodge in a stone wall or a un-mowed grassy embankment.

He left his beloved possessions, his wallet; not even bothering to turn off the t.v. or locking his doors and walked to the woods behind the cemetery and the city reservoir. He did take with him a tent and a cell phone; a phone he briefly answered on that fateful July 4Th morning.

On July 5Th, his friends called about and gathered at the community club to organize a search. By the day of the 7Th, it was better organized and it included the police and the dive team to comb the lake in case he had drowned.

The scream of a full grown man was heard from across the lake and by the dive team as well when this frightened searcher found his missing friend hanging by a bright yellow nylon rope some three feet from off the ground.

This fate was unexpected. Unforseen. The bright-eyed and ever humerous minded man took his own life and brusied the lives and minds of those that knew him and knew of him.

Life can be hard.