Conclusions of the moment...

I am a sensitive and simple man. I complicate too much too often.
I want peace for the world but realize that the world has never really known peace. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men is a moment by moment, person by person experience. It is not global and probably never will be.
Something died between the lathe work and our staircase. It smells horrible. Without performing some major demo, we are forced to try and live with it. A little Frebreeze, some baking soda.....maybe we can weather the storm.
I have been looking forward to a large seven course dinner at a Mason's lodge in a neighboring town. It's a big event I expected that a group of us from our lodge would attend together. I had several conversations with other members regarding this night. I know that everyone is busy and that many planned to attend. I wanted to join up with others, as is the custom. No one called. Nothing personal, I know. But I just couldn't go by myself. Social anxiety? Kind of. More neurosis on my part than anything. I have always felt the uninvited guest; even when I'm invited. Needless to say, I am dis- settled by the turn of events and even more so that I'm even feel dis-settled.
If I could make two wishes come true, (there is no reason why I couldn't pursue their fulfilment) it would be to loose twenty five pounds and begin to meditate daily again. Each would help with the other. I just need to find that jumping off point.
I began yard work today. Thousands of sticks and washed out piles of dog poop to pick up. There is much to do before I can rake and prepare a small garden.
The Church of Rietta opens tomorrow. That's my name for a large flea market that runs from early April until October every Sunday. We'll take the Meatstick with us as this is our weekend having her.


Mystic Wing said…
Yard work sounds like a great place to start, actually—both as regards the meditation and the weight loss.

Great photos, by the way. Looking at those grandkids occasionally would be good therapy, I'd think.

Dead thing will eventually dry up and stop smelling. Might be hard to entertain guests for a while, though.

Chin up, friend.
Nicholodeon said…
WOW! I had no idea the Masons were still around. Werent't they tied in with the death of Mozart because he used sacred masonic symbolism in Die Zauberflote?

Also, wasn't there some undercurrent of masonic thought unearthed in the Jack the Ripper stuff?

I once had a coon or something nocturnal die in my little house, and never found it...but once it dried out or whatever, there was no odour. It wasn't that noticeable inside but you could sure get a whiff of it outside. Kept the would-be burglers at bay at any rate.
Heather said…
are u a mason? damn, another one of those secret society folk....and none of you will ever "spill it" fair. I wish I was a man and able to join one.

And that feeling of being the dis-invited guest? You just described me.....I was always told I'd outgrow that shyness, but I never have. instead, it's converted into my being a blurter and talking too much to overcompensate for my shyness.