Ask and you shall receive....I guess

As an Ulster Scot on my Mother's side, I am inclined to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Not because of St. Patrick I might add. I would imagine that having descended from Scotland with the lineage of MacGregor, it would have more to do with just trying to "piss off" the English.

'S Roegmal mo dhream......Ardchoille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So of course, alcohol is involved. With $$ being a little scarce, drinking Narragansett just doesn't cut it. While cleaning out some of the trash that has accumulated in my truck, I found two cans of Guinness under the front seat all wrapped in red tissue paper. Must have been leftovers from Christmas. Knowing that these two cans must have gone through the freeze/thaw process many, many times over, I thought them to be dead.

All I can say is, God bless the widget.

A friend of mine works at the local micro brewery and brought me a case of their Country Ale and a "Growler" of their "Green Monster" named for the back wall of the Red Sox's Fenway Park.

This made for a glowing good time. I meant to step out and take pictures of our mid March snowfall of 12 inches but taking the dog out to pee was as far as I got. I know that many from over the pond have looked upon our eating of corned beef and cabbage as "the crap I left Ireland for" but I ate it for dinner and made hash for breakfast. Good stuff.

Spring begins on Tuesday night. My pagan wife and I usually have a Spring meal of Lamb and Asparagus with a nice wine. Not sure if that will happen. I have a meeting with the local fraternity of Masons and enjoy the group of guys there. To be a Mason, one cannot be an atheist. To be an atheist is easily defined. But how does one define the words, "I believe in God?" Every word is so entirely subjective. Especially for one that has studied for the Christian ministry, flowed into Taoism and embraced the teachings of much of Buddhism.



"in God."

I could write my thesis. Do "I" "believe" in "God?" Not in the way that most would define it. But yeah, I do.

I think that I'll go and have some more of that Green Monster. It would be a shame if it went flat.


Jess said…
i didn't know anyone actually claimed to be affiliated with the masons anymore! cool!

we've got a masonic lodge here in cache valley, but i swear i have NEVER seen anyone go in...or come out. hmmmmm...

i just saw you blogrolled us! i'm sooo excited!!

I remember the first time I read your blog about a year ago you mentioned the "widget"... Have a happy Vernal Equinox.
Brendan said…
The thought of two innocent Guinness left in the car to die . . .

It brings a tear t' me eye.
Loralee Choate said…
OMG, Jess. I always think the same thing. I think that we should actually stake the place out just to SEE someone enter there.
heather said…
never knew it was actually called a widget....nasty stuff in any case.
Fellow Scot here of the Campbell's of Argyll. Yes, those Campbells--the infamous ones. "The Black Watch."