Hand, out stretched

seeking comfort

seeking aid.

A few words,

a gentle word;

while secretly

wishing I could


Not wanting to

wittness the pull

of illness closer


death's door.
........To be quite honest with you, I wish that I could introduce to you a high degree of levity; or perhaps make you laugh. Some of the most memorable people that I have known have been those that live life with a smile. It's not that life has been a bed of roses for them. They have an inate ability to flow and I envy that. Things have always been too complex for me. I have seen too much suffering. I have often wondered about karma, the sins of the fathers, about inescapable fate. I am sure that there is a place, a place of enlightenment, homeostasis, a place of wisdom, compassison and balance.
My friend James spoke of the burning off of negative karma. How hot does the fire need to be?
I cannot breathe.


Hillbilly Hotei said…
When forgiving past transgressions, it is equally important, but perhaps hardest, to forgive one's self. How can we lose self, if we constantly bear grudge against the one person no one else can forgive?
Hi Tim
Just wondering if my email made it through

Don Iannone said…

Much to digest in your two most recent posts.

Life weighs on us heavily at times and we feel the load we carry is unbearable. Whatever part of the load you can let go of, do so. I know at times it's not possible to set certain things aside. They seem to dwell within us deeply and won't let go. Hold on to the part of yourself that you can see in whatever sunshine you can find.

May the peace you seek rise up within you like an overflowing sunrise bursting with life.



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