He shouted to anyone that appeared to show interest, that we were suffering from the effects of global warming. The term had closed in on the collective vocabulary with such speed that it soon lost any impact upon the hearer. Frustrated by the deaf ears that heard so clearly conversations regarding sex or money while so easily a loss of interest in the weakening world.

When the dam broke its bounds, one could stand in position, in a valiant show of effort to part the water and suffer immediate drowning. To what avail? For the memories of those that survived? Would it not prove equally valiant to scale the banks and live another day?

When the conditions favor it, water will bubble over the stream bed, through rocks, forming little pools. A slew of bubbles will appear for a moment and when the conditions favor it, the very same bubbles will disappear.


Rowan said…
just wanted to say I am back, I'm sorry you feltl that no one was here for you a little while back now....I'm here was just on vacation. I never stay away for long, Ijust can't.

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