The erosion of a man’s soul happens slowly. Perhaps it is the result of accumulated failure, perhaps it is his destiny. In hindsight one can piece together the string of incidences that led him to the brink of despair. If only, if only. I’ve read that regrets are an appalling waste of energy that one cannot build on. It’s only for wallowing in. Can one see the changes, the transformation that has taken place, the dark luminosity that shines closer to the surface and not feel regret?
The sucking sound of a vortex within which you are afraid to look. A dark abyss. It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.
I will not.


Jataka said…
You're saying Goodbye?!
Don't alarm me.
I care.
If need be, send some pain my way.
I have available room- some vacancy if you will...
ghostie alix said…
be well, tao.
if it helps, know that it's okay to be tender, and that you're not alone in that.
hope the winds blow fairer weather your way.
Bert said…
Euhm, Tim, don't know what happened since I've been away for some while, but you kinda scare me with your post.

Even the most dark hour of your life can make way for that tiny ray of light that shines upon you, I'm convinced of this!
windlotus said…
Wherever your path may lead next, be well.
Loralee Choate said…
I haven't known what to say, but please don't go away.
Rowan said…
are you doing ok?