Intro to Taoist meditation and energy exercises

I thought that perhaps it was time to offer something constructive in an effort to help balance the overwhelming negative energy that is confronting and frustrating us at each turn.

I would like to introduce some teachings on two forms of Taoist meditation.
Microcosmic Orbit &
The Inner Smile.

As seen in the illustration, 15 points upon the body are marked and named. Each having various characteristics. It should be noted that this system of energy points is akin to Charkras and these locations are known throughout Vedic, Buddhist and Taoist teachings. Our focus here is mainly Taoist although I may offer some Buddhist or Vedic perspectives.

These meditations are usually performed while in a seated position. It is possible to use a Buddhist semi lotus or full lotus positions if that is familiar to you. Others should use a comfortable chair while sitting several inches away from the back of the chair. There is also a standing practice that is most effective once a sitting practiced has been established and the movement of internal energy is well established.

I would ask that in this very early stage, one find the chair that is most suitable, find a quiet time ( try to devote five to ten minutes) scan your body for tight shoulders, scrunched face, etc... and try to let your body relax. Imagine a thread running just behind your belly button, ascending upwards through the center of your head and keeping you gently erect, without force. Inhale deeply through your nose while keeping your jaw slightly relaxed while the tip of your tongue is resting gently behind the teeth on the roof of your mouth. Let your breath find its normal sense of flow

Practice this relaxed posture for a time. It is always important to have proper posture in any meditation practice. In time, when we are ready, we will proceed.


Loralee Choate said…
So, is there any advice for people who want to try meditating but suffer from major back suck? It is always really painful for me to sit that still. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Tim said…
Rubik...bear with me. Muscle and tendon has memory. The spine, as the diagram shows, is a major point of energy concentration. We need to unlock that tension and blocked charkras.
Move that precious butt until you find a comfortable spot upon the chair. I used to find the spot and lean forward, left, right and center again until I found the position of balance.
Then...just breathe...relax....then, we will begin.
Rowan said…
I enjoyed this, especially being at work. Please! Keep the instructions coming. I meditate in my own way regularly, lowering my blood pressure and tension (my father taught me how and I took stress mgmt. classes in college) but I am no expert clearly on taoist stuff.

For instance, since this is a constant source of pain, what should I do/what does it mean if my jade pillow is a wreck? and my sacchrum or whatever it is is my chiropractic source of joy.

Please help!
Tim said…
Well, Heather....we will get to all that in good time. LOL The Jade Pillow is located at the base of your skull. As Taoism is concerned with the free movement of Chi throught your energy or charkra points, it is imperative that this area be free as it is a pump center helping to move chi upwards.
The sacrum is the other end of the pump system. Your pumps are not pumping! Oh my!
Rowan said…
tim: that sounds dirty!
hehe but definately, my jade pillowy thing is having some troubles more and more lately *sigh*

I'm looking forward to your help
Loralee Choate said…
Ok...butt in place.