Fever broke around 2 am..The Lady thought I had peed the bed. Sweat had captured my sleeping silloute. My lungs are still weak and congested. I have not gone to see the Doctor. To date, I have been my own best physician. Too bad I can't write presciptions.

The thoughts that wander the brain when in fever..

I am a great fan of the 10 o'clock Tuesday night lineup on FX. Really, about the only t.v. that I plan for. Last Tuesday, on Rescue Me, Tommy (Denis Leary) had violent make up or whatever sex with his estranged wife. The thought came to me that she is going to get pregnant and that this will be the catalyst for many more episodes of turmoil for for Irish Fireman. Good t.v.

I can't believe the latest Ann Coulter rhetoric. I think she needs what Tommy's wife got.
I can't believe that as the November elections approach, the GOP is talking once again about gay marriage and tax cuts....Well, yes I can believe it. Most Americans are such dolts. Sheep!!!! Baaaaaaaa.


Karen said…
thanks for stoppin' by my place; that video was chilling...*sigh*

hope you get well soon. :-)
De.vile said…
Get well soon. From my brief encounter with Pneumonia I know milk and turmeric works well.
Loralee Choate said…
I am so sorry you've been sick. I am prone to pnemonia and I know how it goes. Bleck.

That episode was my first of Rescue me and my jaw was on the damn floor.

What the hell WAS that?
I'm not a doctor either, but I play one when I'm sick or injured. If I'm going to die, I'd rather do it engulfed in my own madness instead of some M.D's...
Rowan said…
feel better hun