E Gad!

I am so sick! I know that it's pneumonia. I know because I've had it several times before. My lungs are susceptible due to my chemical overexposure in the eighties. I am avoiding the inevitable. See the Doctor / X Ray / drugs...perhaps hospitalization. Denial comes so natural. I lost a day of work. I have slept from 10 pm until now, 7:30 pm the next day. My lungs hurt. I hurt. Just hoping that I can beat it out.


ghostie alix said…
be careful, tao. don't mess with that stuff. get the help you need.

sending healing energies your way.
Rowan said…
pneumonia sucks, had it several times myself....what chemical exposure though may i ask?
Tim said…
Isocyanates....chemical base in two component urethanes