Guzzling Gasoline - The Purse is First (quick rant)

Driving as much and as often as many of us do, I can't help but try and visualize the volume of gasoline that we are pissing away on a daily basis. I'm stunned by the volume of traffic, the great number of larger vehicles and that most everyone is driving from ten to twenty-five mph over the posted speed limit.  The majority of vehicles that I see on the road are the same as me; Only one or two persons per vehicle.
The US Energy Administration Agency states that the U.S. uses an average of 367,000,000 gallons of gasoline every day. But just how much is three hundred and sixty seven million gallons?
And the truth is?
No one cares.
The Purse is first.
I often say to my Paint customers. "If the automotive industry was as regulated as the house paint industry, we'd all be riding horses".