Guns, God and Children in the classroom: Newtown

I'm cautious when I hear people say that we need to restore America back to the faith that made it strong and that we need to put God back in our schools and classrooms. Those that make such broad statements never really define what they mean. Usually it means "Christian Faith" with the Ten Commandments posted on the wall while hoping that people of other religions will worship quietly and in the background. Often it centers around a designated authority who cannot be questioned or challenged. 

I propose that we DO let God back into our classrooms - not through fear and a strong authoritarian rule but through teaching that which is contained in all religions: The Golden Rule and Loving Your Neighbor. Maybe even throw in some tonglen practice. :) How beautiful would it be if Kindness was our Religion. But that would require that we take more personal responsibility. What if we bought less guns because we felt them unwarranted in our home. Our decision. What if felt that the number of violent programs and video games should be monitored. Our decision. 

More laws or some central form of morality is not going to make the changes that we all hope for. If God is Love, and he who abides in love abides in God, then our path is laid out before us. Instead we have thoughts of war: War on guns, psychotropic drugs, God in school, guns in school, hate for the media...