Google Blogger is Dead....

The blogger community once poured out opinion and shared triumph and tragedy. Where we once opened the windows of our lives to one another, we watched as Google Blogger began to die a slow death.
Wordpress, Facebook. The community pulled up stakes and moved elsewhere or gave up their blog posts altogether.
There was once twenty five or thirty of us who hung out discussing everything under the sun. A veritable mish-mash of people sharing their eclectic lives and experiences. I used to hope for a BBQ believing that a get together was in order. What a great group of people to have assembled all in one place.
I still maintain contact with four or five on Facebook. Some disappeared altogether. As the U.S prepared to enter Iraq to put an end to WMD's, one blogger was preparing to leave for basic training. She left for basic and later wrote a few quick updates. The she disappeared and her blog was soon no more. I wonder about her.
Another was a veteran of the first Iraq war who could not seem to find his place in the world once he returned. Keeping his own company was preferable to what he encountered in the everyday life he saw in small town Vermont. Blogger allowed him to say what needed to be said. With the full immersion of our troops into Iraq began, he withdrew. I miss him,
The wisdom and intelligence I found through those early days of Blogger was helpful in my own days of muck and mire. Also the fun from the likes of those Utah girls and  from Nine Feet Under. Justrose and Rowan always interesting. Phoenix and Mystic Wing; wow!
Only a handful continue to post and I continue to read.
If any of the old gang is still out there.....drop me a line, huh?


Mike Golch said…
I'm still hanging around,but I am guilty of not commenting as much as I used to.part of the reason is the way word verication has become.
Tao1776 said…
Hey Mike! You still hammer the dulcimer? A friend of mine builds some fine guitars and he gave me an old Johnson acoustic just for the cost of a bridge doctor. Sounds nice. Trying to pick it up again. Hope your health continues to improve. Know the feeling of three steps forward two steps back routine. Great to hear from you!